What do you think are the disadvantages of raining?


  Can you give any examples of unusual weather in your hometown?


  Do you like the changes of the four seasons?


  Do you like extremely hot or cold weather?







  气象学 meteorology

  大气 atmosphere

  气温 temperature

  气候 climate

  天气 weather

  春天 spring

  夏天 summer

  秋天 autumn / fall

  冬天 winter

  霜 frost

  雪 snowsnowy

  雷 thunder

  风 windwindy

  雾 mist

  云 cloudcloudy

  雾霾 haze

  暴雨 downpourshower

  暴风雨 storm

  闪电 lightning

  台风 typhoon

  威风 breeze

  潮湿的 humid

寒冷的 freezing


  1. What do you think are the disadvantages of raining?



I think there are several disadvantages of the rain. First of all, it might bring some inconvenience to our daily life. When it rains, its kind of messy to go out. Your clothes and shoes might get dirty and wet, and driving becomes tricky because you could not see so clearly. Some activities need to be cancelled because of the rain as well, like some outdoor activities or some production procedures. Whats more, even the rain is usually good news to the crops, too much of it can be dangerous to them. If the things people grow have too much water than they need, they would wither and the farmers would suffer economically.


  2. Can you give any examples of unusual weather in your hometown?



  范例1 广州下雪

  My hometown is Guangzhou, and its almost in the far south of China, so it is very warm even in the winter, and it never snows. But, it snowed last year and it was huge. The snow was actually quite light, and you can barely gather it, but the whole city went crazy and we all went out to feel it. Some people made a teeny tiny snowman on the hood of the car and took photos of it, which soon became meme on the internet. All the people from the north were saying that it was the smallest snowman they had ever seen. Anyway, we loved it.

  范例2 东北下大雪

There was a really heavy snow in my city a couple of years ago, which was rare. Actually it is quite cold in winter in my hometown, and it snows every year, but it was always acceptable. But one year, around the new year, the snow lasted for over 40 hours and it was literally waist-deep when it stopped. You could not drive, and you could barely walk on the road, the whole city was trapped. But I kind of liked that snow, because the school stopped for a couple of days, and I really needed some rest.


  3. Do you like the changes of the four seasons?



  范例1 喜欢四季变化

  I have never lived in a place that has similar seasons, but I am sure that I prefer 4 different seasons. First of all, I can wear different clothes, which is very important and very interesting. I guess I like to see the changes because I like to feel the time and the season. When it is always the same, then you forget about it sometimes. For instance, you only remember to praise the summer when the spring is about to end or the autumn is about to start. The changes of the seasons remind me how time flies and how precious and lovely time is.

  范例2 不喜欢四季变化

I do not like the changes of the four seasons. In fact, I prefer to live in a place that has only one mild comfortable season. If I want to experience the difference of the seasons, I prefer to do that when I travel. I do not like too many changes in my life, because I have to react accordingly and it is just too much trouble.


  4. Do you like extremely hot or cold weather?



I would love to experience the extremely hot or cold weather for a short period of time, but I would not live in such a place for a long time, it would be terrible. Its freezing cold in my hometown when it is winter, and I do not like it, so I would try my best to avoid living in any kind of extreme weather.