Describe a popular comic actor/actress(New)

  you should say:

  · who this person is

  · how you know him or her

  · how he or she is funny

  · and explain why he or she is popular in your country

  Part 3

  Who do you think are more famous, comic actors or serious actors?

  How do some actors become famous?

  Do you think film actors earn a lot of money?

  Do you think being an actor/actress would be a good job?

  What kinds of entertainment do young people like?

  Describe a sports person you admire(New)

  You should say:

  · who the person is

  · what sport he or she does

  · when did you first hear about this person

  · and why you admire him or her.

  Part 3

  Do people in China pay much attention to international sport

  What sports or forms of physical exercise are most popular in China?

  Do you think some of these professional athletes are overpaid?

  What benefits do you think people get from doing physical exercise?

  Which do you think is better, to exercise alone or to exercise with a friend?

  Describe someone who is talkative(New)

  You should say:

  · Who this person is

  · How you know this person

  · What this person likes to talk about

  · How you feel about this person

  Part 3

  Are you talkative?

  Do you think women are generally more talkative than men?

  Which do you prefer, to talk with someone face-to-face or talk with someone online?

  Describe an interesting job that you want to have(New)

  You should say:

  · What it is

  · How you can find this job

  · What qualities it requires

  · And explain why you think you will be good at it

  Part 3

  What careers are popular in your country?

  Is it easy for find a job in your country?

  Do you think money is the most important factor to consider?

  What kind of work environment do most people prefer to work in?

  Would you prefer to work full-time or part-time?

  Describe a time when you changed your mind/plan(New)

  You should say:

  · When this happened

  · What made you change the plan

  · What the new plan was

  · And how you felt about the change

  Part 3

  Do you like change in your life?

  Do you think change is important in life?

  Do you think it's good for people to sometimes change their plans?

  Have there been many recent changes in your community?

  Describe a trip by public transport(New)

  You should say:

  · where you were going

  · what kind of public transport it was

  · what you did during the trip

  · and explain how you felt during this trip.

  Part 3

  What forms of public transport do you have in your hometown?

  Why do many people choose to use public transport?

  Are there any disadvantages to using public transport?

  Do you think people should give up driving their car and ride a bicycle instead?

  What do you imagine public transport will be like in the future?

  Describe a time you spent with your friend in your childhood(New)

  You should say:

  · Who is this friend

  · How did you know about each other

  · what you did with your friend

  · And explain why you describe this time

  Describe a trip that you plan to go on in the near future(New)

  You should say:

  · Where this place is

  · Who you would like to go with

  · What would you do there

  · and explain why you would like to go there

  Part 3

  How should one prepare for a trip?

  Are there any special or interesting places to visit in your country?

  Do people in your country like to travel abroad?

  How can people benefit from traveling?

  Do you prefer to visit popular places or less well-known places?

  Describe something interesting that your friend has done but you haven’ t done(New)

  You should say:

  · what it was

  · when your friend did it

  · where your friend did it

  · and explain why it was interesting

  Part 3

  Do you think friendship is important?

  What are the qualities of a good friend?

  Are you very similar to your friends?

  What would happen to a person if he or she had no friends?

  What are the most memorable times of a friendship?

  Describe the time when you received your first cellphone(New)

  You should say:

  · When it was

  · Who gave you the cellphone

  · What it was like

  · How you felt about it

  Part 3

  What changes has the introduction of cell phones brought to people's lives?

  Do cell phones ever cause inconvenience to people?

  Compare fixed-line phones with cell phones as a means of communication.

  Why do you think so many people use their cell phone in a public place, where other people can hear what they're saying?

  Describe a time when you were shopping at a street market(New)

  You should say:

  · When it was

  · Where it was

  · What you bought

  · How you felt about the shopping experience

  Part 3

  Do many people buy things in street markets?

  What factors do people consider before they decide to buy something?

  For you, which is more important when buying something, the price or the quality?

  Why do some people prefers to buy things online?

  Do you think it's safe to use credit cards?