幸福的 -- happy
I will never have to worry about the issues of food and clothing
no matter what I want to pursue, they always financially as well as spiritually support me
they always share their life experience with me
they alwyas provide me with the best growing environment
even they have troubles or encounter adversity, they always wear a warm smile on their face. Never let me worry about their personal affairs
温暖的 -- warm
whenever I feel frustrated, they always give me a lot of words of encouragement;
I always obtain physical as well as spiritual support and encouragement from my parents;
they always give priority to concern about what I need;
宽容的-- tolerant
be tolerant of my faults;
always give me a chance to correct the mistakes I make;
I have never gotten a scolding (挨骂) from my parents;
they never feel disappointed with my poor performance in study;
there are no mistakes in the world, but only lessons;
to their minds, the more mistakes I make, the more progress I will achieve···
相互理解和尊重的 -- mutual understanding and respect
we always treat each other in a respectful way
sometimes we may have a divergence of views in some typical issues, but this is not going to preventing us from drawing on collective wisdom and absorbing all useful ideas from each other
although there is a generation gap between my parents and I, we still enjoy a harmonious family atmosphere
舒适的 -- comfortable
I always enjoy the peaceful environment when back home from work or study
although my bedroom is not decorated with luxious ornament, it is always full of my happy memory
It is a place where I can forget about all the troubles I have and get rid of any annoying things

以上就是我对对于家庭的联想,其实还有很多,我就不一一列举了。 平时在我们准备雅思口语的时候,我觉得吧,应该多做这样的联想,从一两个单词开始,尝试用英语去说明它的具体意义,尝试结合自己的亲身经历去描述一个深刻的内容。为什么要这样做呢?为的就是当我们在考试中遇到卡壳的时候,能够马上调动一两句平时已经有深刻体会的、看起来common sense的、 却又无懈可击的话,尽可能让自己在夹缝中有充分的时间去思考,去调整,去组织语言。


父亲(father)--工作(例如:work for the government, lawer, doctor···)--严肃(serious, take everything seriously, not take/play a joke)--认真严谨(do everything based on rigorous standards)--对孩子要求严格(be strict with what I do)----望子成龙(hold high expectation for his child)--对孩子的不良行为很生气(be angry with his child's misbahviour 例如:沉迷电脑游戏 indulge himself with computer games; 不做作业 lazy in doing homework; 说谎 tell a lie; 早恋 puppy love····)--代沟(generation gap between father and son)--人生观不一样(have a divergence of outlook on life)--矛盾吵架(may easily quarrel with each other, even for trivial things)--出发点是爱孩子(all he does is for our own good)--有责任感(hold responsibility for the growing up of his child)--做事认真,不怕困难,不轻易放弃(never easily give up no matter what he does; in his life dictionary, you cann't find the word "give up")--为我树立榜样(set a good example for me)--崇拜(admire him most)--激励我前行(stimulate me to progress and achieve my goal)--爸爸也需要孩子的照顾(we need take good care of him)--变老变弱(getting older and may easily suffer from chronic diseases)--我们即将出国,见面减少,因此有点愧疚(once I make a decision to go aboard, that means we cannot fuifill our own responsibilty in family care. Sometimes I feel sorry that I cannot spend more time in alleviating his heavy burden from family)--计划生育(one child policy, no sibling)--爸爸想念孩子(He miss me a lot even though he does not look like that)·········
        母亲(mother)--家庭主妇(household lady)--学历不高(didn't receive higher education)--但为人体贴(considerate, thoughtful)--和蔼可亲的(amiable, affable)--勤劳的(industrious)--好厨师(the best cook)--熟悉各种菜式(be skillful in cooking different types of food)--用心(with great consideration)--善于搭配菜式(she is a expert in combining appropriate amount of meat and vegetable together)--好味道的(tasty, delicious)--健康的(healthy, wholesome)--总是为我提供良好的成长环境(always provide me with a good growing environment)--不让我操心家庭的大小事务(never let me worry about family affair)--无私的(selfless)--总是鼓励我(always support and encourage me)--只想我过得开心幸福(live a happy life)--出国后想念妈妈(miss my mum)--体会到生活有多么的不容易(it is the first time for me to realise how difficult to maintain a daily life)--自己要变得自立(become physically and psychologically independent)--学会关心别人(learn to show concerns for the people around me)--努力学习(study hard)--有自己的事业(stuggle for a promising future)--不让妈妈失望(never let her down)······

        Part2: describe a family memberdescribe a person you admire most, describe an important advicedescribe a movie(由于我不喜欢看电影,所以我会选择父亲这一角度为切入口,编一部电影叫做《MY FATHER AND I-- 代沟)describe your favouriate song/ describe a song you heard in your childhood(世上只有妈妈好)describe a change of life(出国后懂得关心父母)describe an old person
        part3: 关于代沟,关于责任,关于老年人照顾问题
       以下为我自己编写的part 1 solution95%为原创(既有真实的,又有瞎编),剩下的为复制慎小嶷微博的答案),以后我会重新系统地整理,现在就请将就一下看看



    What do you usually do during holidays? And what you don't do during holidays?

Usually I will go out to visit some fun spots with my parents, or hang out with my friends, or play sports. Whatever I do, I try to relax myself.

Do you think holidays are important to our lives?

(Absolutely! Holidays are like … when we can get away from our daily grind and have some “time out”, you know… when we check out fun spots, hang out with friends and play sports without having to constantly worry about getting our work done. They are just so cool…)

 What’re your favorite leisure activities?
Well, my leisure activity is reading electronic newspapers via internet. Through reading the news, I can get access to up-to- date information about my hometown. It has become an indispensable part of my daily life. Reading the electronic newspaper is also a good way to relax from work.

 What did you do on last weekend?

Last weekend, I went to UTS library to prepare for IELTS test with my friends. It was effective to practice spoken English with a partner so that he can pick up my grammar mistakes or pronunciation problem. We also had a big dinner in the evening in China town.

Do you like going to a party?

Basically, I am not a party animal. I prefer to stay at home rather than go out for socializing. I know somehow partying provides people with a good platform to socialize with those from different social and cultural background. But if the party is an important one, for example, my best friend birthday party or annual parties from work, I am happy to attend.

Do you like family parties or parties thrown by friends?
Well, I do like friend parties more than family parties. You know, there is a obvious generation gap between parents and children. Although we both care about other very much, sometimes I can only share my happiness and sorrows with my friends. That is because we have similar experience, and share similar interest. In friend parties, I can enjoy more freedom. I can talk what I want to and I do not have to be overcautious about what I behave.


       Do you like traveling?

Yes I do. Travelling is always a nice thing for me. Travelling can enable me to release stress from study and work and temporarily get rid of some annoying daily routine. Every time I finished my journey, I was full of spirit and energy. Also, travelling is a good way to widen my mind and know more about other culture.

Where did you travel to in your latest trip?

My latest trip was to Beijing. I was quite fascinated about the places of historical interest in Beijing, like the Forbidden City, the summer palace and the Great Wall. Also the food in Beijing was quite tasty. Especially the roasted duck, it always makes my mouth watering.

How long was the longest trip you took?

My longest trip was to Beijing in last year. I stayed in Beijing for two weeks. Beijing is a special city. There are a lot of places of historical interests, such as the forbidden city, the summer palace, the great wall and so on.

What’re the advantages of traveling by air?

 Do you think air travel is important to us?

(It sure is. It’s convenient, comfortable and … fun. Some people are concerned about its safety but according to statistics air travel is actually safer than car rides.)

Which country do you plan to go to?

Well, I am quite looking forward to travelling the USA. You know, there are many amazing traveling spot in America, such as Disney theme park in los Angeles, luxurious [l?ɡ’zju?ri?s] hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, and the famous Wall street in New York. As long as I find a stable job here, I will go to the US.


Travelling not only teaches you about other cultures, but it also teaches you more about yourself and your own culture. After all, only from the outside can you look back in.

Travelling has a lasting impact on world view, self confidence and maturity. This experience will be life-transforming.

You can immerse yourself in the local culture.


What sports do you play at school? / What do you do to improve your fitness?

I used to play football, badminton, table tennis when I was in high school in China. When I came here, I love swimming. The sports centre in the University of Sydney is quite good. It has an Olympic-standard swimming pool. I usually go swimming with my friends when class is over.

What’re your favorite sports?

My favourite sport is badminton. It is a great sport for all-round fitness. Playing badminton not only gives a huge number of health benefits but also keeps me feeling well, strong and motivated. It can help in coping with anxiety and stress and offers a release from the pressures of everyday life.

 What sports did you play when you were a child?

I used to play football, badminton and table tennis when I was a child.

What were the differences between sports played by boys and sports played by girls?

Boys tend to more active than girls. They like playing extreme sports because those sports help them to build up their muscle.

Girls prefer to play more gentle sports like Yoga and aerobics dancing.

Are there any sports facilities on your campus?

(There are tons of them. Like stadiums, gyms, soccer fields, tennis courts and swimming pools.)
        What kinds of facilities are there in your community?

(We’ve got a wide variety of facilities, like parking lots ,you know, places where you park your car, gyms, clinics, gardens, kids’ playgrounds, convenience stores…)


Badminton is a totally inclusive sport and is open to all ages and all levels of ability.

Badminton is a very social sport and club nights and matches alike always include the opportunities to meet new people and catch up with old friends.

Badminton help people improve hand eyes coordination. It is a skillful and intelligent game.

Tactics and mental stamina ([‘st?min?] 持久力) will be developed during the games

        Do you often visit museums?

To be honest, I am not that interested in visiting museum. But if I visit other countries, museum is always the best place to learn its culture and history. In this point of view, I will love to visit museum

 Do you think museums are important to our lives? (Day 7)

Yes for sure. Museums are one of the best places for people, especially for students, to learn history and culture of the country. They help young people to establish a sense of social belonging and national pride. They are also served as a place to preserve some cultural relics.

Where do young people meet new people these days?

Night clubs and bars may be ideal places for those young people who enjoy night life to meet new people. For those who study hard, school library is a suitable place to make friends, especially during group meetings. Also, fitness room is another place that enables those who love sport to meet new friends.

 Do you like shopping?

Yes, I do. Going shopping is my favourite. It is a good way to relax and make myself keep pace with the latest fashion. Also, I really enjoy a sense of satisfaction when I buy something that fit me most, such as shirts and trousers. But I admit sometimes I may buy something that I don’t actually need.
        Do you prefer big stores or small ones?

Usually I prefer big stores because they provide a greater variety of goods so that I can have more choices and compare prices and qualities of different brand names. Also, big stores are served as a one-stop shop, which allows me to buy nearly all the daily necessities.

 Is there anything that you dislike about shopping?

Well, usually going shopping may waste a lot of time. You know, sometimes I may go through all the shopping centre but still cannot find something that I need. Also, I may easily buy something that I don’t need. It is kinds of a waste of money.


What’s your favorite time of a day?

( Well, I feel great in the morning coz after a good night’s sleep I feel refreshed and invigorated and definitely do things better.)

Do you like dancing?

No, I don’t like dancing at all. To my mind, dancing is quite boring. It is not a cup of my tea. But I admit that dance is a good way to release stress and socialize.

Have you learned how to dance?

I haven’t received a formal training for dance so far. The last time I danced, I guest, was in kindergarten.

Why do so many young people like dancing today?

Dancing is a social activity. It provides many opportunities for people to meet new friend. You know, it is a way platform to strengthen the social ties and boot self-esteem and positive outlook. Also, it helps people reduce stress and tension. Regular dancing gives an overall sense of well-being.

How many languages can you speak?

I can speak mandarin, Cantonese and English fluently. And I am going to learn some Japanese.

What do you collect? Day 7)
Usually I like to collect stamps and corns. Take stamps as a example, I am so crazy about the stamps issued before 1980s because they help me gain deeper insight into the China that I don’t know.

 What’s your favorite color? Are there any special meanings to colors?

My favorite color is yellow. To my mind, yellow represents sunshine, something bright and positive. Whenever I see the colour yellow, I feel energetic and enthusiastic.

Do you like visiting art galleries?

Not really. Somehow some works of art are too abstract and too difficult for me to understand. If I do not really appreciate the creativity behind the art or I am not capable of getting the meaning behind the art across, I think visiting art galleries will become meaningless.

How do people in your country celebrate birthday?

Usually, people host a birthday party. For elderly people, they tend to have a big dinner at home with their relatives. For young people, they may prefer to go out for entertainment. For example, they may go to karaoke or have a barbeque or go travelling.

Do you like painting and drawing?
        Yes I did. When I was a child, I was crazy about painting. I once dreamed of becoming a painter one day. However, as I grow up, I gradually lose interest in painting because I am busy studying and do not have time for painting.

Do you think painting skills are important to kids?

Not really. I admit that those skills are helpful for them to draw. However, I think that ideas and thoughts (the way a child thinks) are more important than the skills itself. I would rather see a kid painting something unique and creative even if it's in bad quality than a kid perfectly replicating objects he sees through painting.

Do you prefer to type things or to write things on paper?

(Well, most of the time I just type things, that’s for sure. Coz it’s much faster and I can save what I type and edit it later on. And most importantly, I can just cut and paste everything…)

What kinds of gifts do you give your friends?
It depends on what kinds of friends it is and how close we keep with each other. If that is my best friend, I definitely pay more attention to the gift I give. I might buy something precious, such as shirts, perfume and stuff like that. If that guy is only a bud friend, I might just give him a birthday or a bottle of wine.

Do you wear a watch? What can your watch do for you? (Well,it helps me keep track of time./ Punctuality is a quality most people appreciate. My wrist watch really helps me be punctual…) (Whenever I need to know what time it is, I just check my laptop or mobile phone… and I tend to believe I’m not alone in doing this. It seems like not so many people wear a watch today…)


 What’s your favorite type of clothing?

Now I am quite fascinated about the formal business suits. Dressing business suit can make me look mature and reliable. You know, especially when I am going to find a job and have an interview, good business suit can not only impress others but also build up my confidence.

Will you still wear this kind of clothing when you get older?

I don’t think. When I am getting older, I want to live an easy life. You know, less is more. I would like to wear casual clothes. I will not pay great attention to clothing. No matter what I dress, as long as it makes me feel comfortable, that is fine.

Do you think fashions are important?

Yes I think so. Fashions can provide people a sense of social identity and help them express their own personality. Some people, especially teenagers, are extremely conscious about their overall image. Keeping up with fashion enables them to become attractive in front of their peers.


Fashion is not that important to me. I try not to be a slave to corporate logos

I think it is more important to wear clothes that you are comfortable in.

I fully understand what I like and I always dress the way I like.

If I see something that is in fashion and I like, I am glad to have a try. However, even if something is in fashion but does not fit my style, I will definitely reject it.

I do sometimes like to put an effort into how I look and into my appearance. I think that fashion sometimes helps express who I am and it can differentiate me from others

But I don’t like those people judge others on fashions and appearances. Because sometimes appearance may tell a lie.


 Did you like reading books when you were little?

It depends on what book it was. For example, if books contained many colourful pictures and funny word, like cartoon book, I was quite interested in them, because they were easy for me to understand what they were talking about. However, it was a trying experience for me if I read books with some deep concept or abstract theme.

What were your favorite kinds of books?

Usually, my favourite kinds of books were children’s cartoon books. I especially liked the books that taught me something true in life by a funny story. By reading those books, I can not only have fun but also actually gain some knowledge.

What kind of books do you like these days?

Well, nowadays, I prefer to read biography [bai’?ɡr?fi]. After I graduate, I am not a student any more. I have to find a job. I have to start my career life. I want to become a successful business man in the future. So I think biography can tell me some recipes of success behind those successful men and provide me some useful guidance in life. It is worth learning.

What’s your favorite subject at school? Can you tell me something about it?
my favourite subject is accounting. It is a subject that tells people how to classify different transaction and record them in the most efficient way. It can be served as a financial tool for people to evaluate investments. Maybe some people may think accounting is boring. In fact, it isn’t. you know, no matter what people do, they cannot avoid thinking about something in relation to accounting, like balancing benefits and costs, concerning about the tax issue.

    Do you think people who major in your field can find a job easily when they graduate?

Yes I think so. As a matter of fact, regardless of different economic environment and different business structure, managers always need a qualified accountant to help them make financial statement, such as balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit and loss statement. Also, the managers require an accountant to cope with the tax issue and the auditing issue. Therefore, I think as long as you are qualified, you can easily find a job.

Do you prefer to study alone or to study with other students? / Do you prefer team work or working alone?

(Team work is more efficient and can really be more effective as well. But when I work alone it seems like I tend to be more focused. So I guess it just depends on what kind of work it is and what kind of people I work with :D)
It depends. If I have a big assignment, I prefer to study with other students. Under that circumstance, team work is usually more effective and efficient because we can share our own opinion and summarise some useful points. But if I am going to have a final exam, I prefer to study alone. I can become more focused and follow my review plan with any distraction

What kinds of tools or instruments you use at school?

(things like PCs, test tubes, projectors and digital recorders…)
commonly, we use computers, projectors, overhead, digital recorders, printing machine, copy machine and something like that.

How should children improve their handwriting? (They can imitate nice examples of handwriting before developing their own style. And of course they should practice more and try not to type everything...)


What’s your favorite dish?

Well, my favorite dish is stir fry king prawn with onions. It is not difficult to cook. Also, it is quite nutritious because it combines meat and vegetable. If you add some XO sauce, it will be tastier.

Who is the best cook among the people around you?

Of course, my mother, she is an expert in cooking. No matter what dishes she cooks, they are always delicious. That is not only because she has been cooking for at least twenty years, but also because she cooks with her whole-heart. You know, cooking is an art as well as a matter of practice. That is why I think my mother is the best cook among the people around me.

Who cooks in your family? Who does the cooking in your family?

Well, usually my mother does most of the cooking in my family. Sometimes my father takes the role when she is ill or away. When I came here, I learn cooking by myself and gradually become confident and experienced in cooking. I look forward to cooking for them when I am back home.

Do you cook?

Yes, I do. Since I came here, I have been on my alone (all by myself). I don’t have anyone to cook for me. Also, my budget is quite limited. I couldn’t afford to eat outside every meal. I have no choice but to learn to cook by myself.

Is it necessary for everyone to learn to cook? Why?

Yes for sure. Cooking is an essential skill for everyone. Yes, of course people can eat out all the time, but if they are able to cook, they can not only save money but also eat more healthily and enjoy a fun of cooking.

    What’s your favorite food? What're your favorite kinds of fruit and vegetables?

(stuff like oranges and tomatoes, coz they're pretty juicy and ...they look cute, ... mouthwatering!)

My favourite food is tomato. It is quite juicy and nutritious because it contains a lot of vitamin C and fibrin. Also, it is a healthy food. It helps people to digest. It is also said that eating tomato can help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Do you prefer to have meals at home or eat out?
Well it depends. Usually I prefer to have meals at home because I can save money and eat more healthily. But if I am tired of cooking or tired from work or study, I will eat out.

How often do you eat out?
It depends. Usually I cook by myself because I can eat healthily and save money. But if I am busy studying especially during exam period, I prefer to eat out for every meal. It can save time.

Do you like home-cooked food?
Yes, I like it very much. When we cook at home, only the best and freshest ingredients are used. That means we can eat healthily. Also, we can personalize our own meal. I like eating something sweet, while my father enjoys eating something salty. Therefore, when cooking, we can easily adjust flavoring and make every one eat with satisfaction.

Do you think all family members should learn how to cook?



My mother is very capable in the kitchen and understands how to cook hundreds of traditional dishes.

She taught me how to mix various ingredients in different proportions and produce different flavours

I wouldn’t say I am especially competent in cooking

I cook for myself frequently in order to save money

Cooking can give me a sense of satisfaction

Cooking is a terrific way to regulate my eating habits and get creative in ordinary life.


The staple food for most Chinese is rice. It can match any dish and it can be easily flavored with various ingredients. But in northern part of china, people may consume more wheat-based foods like noodles and steamed buns.


Junk food is perceived to have little or no nutritional value. They are high in fats

It has some ingredients considered unhealthy when people eat regularly. If eating often, it will lead to obesity and heart disease.

Common junk foods include snack foods (chips, crisps), candy, and fried fast food.


What’s your favorite kind of weather?

My favourite kind of weather is a sunny day with gentle breeze. Whenever I see sunny weather, it always helps me have positive thoughts and make me full of spirit and energy. To my mind, sunny day is always a nice time to go out for recreation, like travelling, shopping, and partying.

Do you like places with four seasons or has the same weather all year round?
Well, I love places with four distinct seasons because different seasons give me different feelings. For example, when spring comes, it becomes warm and windy. Flowers are in bloom and birds starts to sing a song. It always keeps me hopeful and energetic. For summer, it is hot and sunny, which make me full of enthusiasm.



The winter in my hometown is pretty mild so that my hometown is pretty warm all year around.


But I can’t stand muggy wealth

It is not the heat, it is the humidlity.

Overcast weather (阴天) gives me a bad mood

Also I feel upset when it pours [p?:] (下大雨)

Sunny day always keeps me hopeful while gloomy day make me feel upset.

娱乐通讯类 (杂志,电视,电影,音乐,网络)

What’s your favorite magazine? Is it an English magazine?
        Well, my favourtie magazine is Economist. It is one of the most famous English Business magazines in the world. It focuses on international news, politics, business and finance. Every time I read it, I can gain deeper insight into current affairs. Also, reading this magazine is a good way to learn English, especially for writing.


What’re your favorite kinds of music?

To be honest, I am not a big fan of music. Usually I like pop music because what pop music express is very close to my daily life and it is quite for me to understand. It also helps me to release some pent-up feeling. I think that is a good way to relax.

Do you think children should learn how to play musical instruments

Well, generally speaking, leaning how to play musical instruments can cultivate children’s talent in music. It is said that exposure to music man benefit the development of children’s brain and strengthen their IQ. Also, playing musical instrument is fun, enriches children’s life and even gives them a sense of achievement.

But I know that interest is the best teacher for people to learn something. Without interest, no matter how easy the skill is, children could not learn it well.

Why do we play music on festivals?

Music can enhance the festive atmosphere on festivals. Suitable music will add some entertaining and harmonious element to festivals, as well as provide people a wonderful background to enjoy themselves.

In my opinion, music is one kind of emotional art that help people express their feeling and forget those sorrows. When festivals come, music can add some entertaining and harmonious element to parties. It gives people a chance to enjoy themselves within wonderful melody.


 What’re your favorite kinds of films?

Action movies especially Jackie Chan’s movies are always my favourite. Those movies contain some attractive component: like acrobatic fighting style, comic timing and innovative stunts. Every time I watch his movies, I not only get fun from his excellent performance, but also learn something about love, family, responsibility. It is quite educational.

Do you prefer to watch movies at home or in a cinema? Why?

well, I prefer to watch movies at home instead of in a cinema. The reasons are quite straightforward. At home I can watch movies over eating or drink whatever I like. Also, I can pause if I want to go to bathroom or take a phone call. Of course I can rewind if I miss something. I can replay if I want to watch it


How many hours do you spend on watching TV every day?

I hardly watch TV at home because I want to get access to information, I prefer to surf internet and directly find the information that I am interested in. But sometimes, I may watch TV. For example, during the football world cup period last year, I watched TV more often. It was quite enjoyable for me to watch my favourite football team via high definition television.

Do you like watching TV?

Not really. To my mind, it is a waste of time watching TV. If I want to get access to information that I am interested in, I prefer to surf the internet. Also, on weekdays I am busy studying or working. I am too tired to turn on the TV. Instead, I would rather review the lectures notes and then go to sleep.

What’re your favorite shows?

My favourite show is talk show with successful figures. Through that talk show, I can learn from their life experience and know the stories behind their success, such as the hardships, tears and the happy moments. Although different people may have different road to succeed, knowing their recipe of success can give me some life guidances.


What do you do on the Internet?

Usually I surf the internet to read some electronic newspapers and get some news. Also, I am crazy about the facebook. Previously I made friends with many people and form a habit of checking my facebook account every day. If one day I don’t check it, I will feel my life is incomplete on that day. In addition, I use skype, a electronic communication software, to keep in touch with my parents. I always let them know what happens to me and around me here.


Why are mobile phones important to our lives?

Yes, definitely. I think most people like me are used to

Do you prefer to use emails or letters?
Who do you send emails to?
Do you think telephones are important to our lives?
How do you communicate with friends? How do young people communicate with elderly people?

        What will your hometown be like in the future?

I expect that my hometown would become more modern and prosperous. With the development of urbanization and industrialization, my hometown will become an important business center as well as manufacturing centre in southern China, with more skyscrapers, more shopping centres, more convenient transport system.

What're your favorite flowers? Do you think flowers are important to Chinese? Do Chinese give friends flowers on festivals?

Do you prefer to have flowers or vegetables in gardens or at home?

Are traffic jams bad in your city?

Yes they are. In my hometown, the traffic is always tied up, especially during the rush hours. If I am in a hurry, I will take a train. You know, getting stuck in traffic always makes people irritable and anxious.

    Is your city good for young people? Is it good for elderly people?

    Is swimming popular in China? Why? Do you have swimming classes at school? (p178)

Do you think gardens and parks are important to a city?


What type of transportation do you usually take?

How was your child routine different from your daily routine now?

     Do you like advertisements? (Day 8: Dfavorite ad) Why do we need ads? What are the differences between ads in different countries?

     Do you often go out with your friends or just invite them over to your place? What do you do together?

Do you have a driver’s license?

( Yup, I got one quite a whole ago coz these days a driver’s license is really essential for getting a job. / Nope, coz the traffic in my city is so heavy and messy. I’m afraid of driving.)

Do you think biking is safe?

( Basically, it is because most Chinese are pretty skilled bikers, you know. But… these days there’re more cars in cities so yes sometimes biking can be risky, especially at night...)




以下为我自己编写的part 2 solution80%为原创,剩下的为改编别人的答案)

What is he/she like

What about his/her personality

And how do you know him/her

Speaking of a child I know, the first one that comes into my mind is my nephew—Jason.

He is 5 years old and still in kindergarten. He’s the only child in his family. So inevitably, he’s a bit spoiled. He is quite chubby cuz he likes eating French fries and snacks and drinking cokes. But he is still a lovely kid.

Sometimes he seems to be a bit shy and reluctant to talk in front of strangers. But actually once he gets familiar with you, he becomes quite talkative.

He is also quite imaginative and inventive. He is crazy about aircraft and spaceship and things like that. He dreams of designing and making a space shuttle in the future so that he can take the whole family to travel in the space. The whole family is proud of his creative idea and appreciates his imagination. I love talking to him cuz every time I talk to him, it reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel young.

Describe an adventurous person who you know.

who the person is
      how you know this person
      what this person does that is adventurous
      and explain why you think this person likes to take risks.*
      (or, explain how you feel about the risks this person takes.)*

Speaking of an adventurous person, the first one comes into my mind is my friend XXX. We have been friends with each other since 2009. At that time we often met each other at the same lecture room because we both chose the same course.

She looks like a gentle girl, but actually she seems even more adventurous [?d’vent??r?s] than any other boy. That is because she is always passionate about the extreme activities, such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, and kite surfing and so on.

What she likes most is to climb up natural rock formations or mountains, which to my mind is really dangerous. She told me that every time she goes out for climbing, she will be equipped with anchors [‘??k?], ropes绳索and other protection equipment for the sake of safety. She always said that rock climbing is quite risky because climbers [‘klaim?] may easily get injured or even lose their lives. However, this is also the reason why such an activity is so attractive.

In terms of the reason why people like to take risks, to my mind, many people are tired of routine life and want to get away. Some challenging sports like rock climbing or mountain climbing provide people a chance to challenge themselves and surpass their limit. The sense of achievement after reaching the top of the mountain gives them a pleasant sensation [sen’sei??n] 感觉. Also, mountain climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport so that doing such sport enables people to keep healthy and strong. In fact, it not only tests a climber’s strength and endurance [in’dju?r?ns], but also requires a balance along their mental control.

Describe the oldest person you know

Speaking of the oldest person, the first one that comes into my mind is my uncle Michael. Michael is 75 years old. He was a HongKong citizen and then he decided to immigrate to Australia 10 years ago. Michael is an important person in my life because it was him who advised my father to let me go overseas for further study. He always says it is essential for a person to broaden his/her mind and experience different culture in order to succeed. Studying overseas is one of the best ways in terms of widening one’s horizon.

Since I came here, Michael has kept telling me that I should be independent instead of relying on my parents’ financial and psychological support. He always emphasizes that a person, especially a man, should hold responsibility for himself. He told me that he earned money by himself when he was in high school. And since then he has become the breadwinner of his family. For example, he paid the university fees for his younger sister. He bought a house for his parents. From my perspective, this is an amazing achievement.

Also, Michael is one of the most confident people I’ve ever met. No matter what difficulties he comes across, he strongly believes he is able to tackle them. He never gives up and always works his best. Now I am on my own in Australia, I set him as my idol and try my best to achieve my dream here.

Describe a family member you admire

Who he/she is

How much you spend with him/her every day

And what you learnt from him/her

Speaking of a family member I admire, the first one that comes into my mind is my father. He is 50 years old. He works for the Chinese government as a judge.

He is always busy doing his work on the weekdays.

s a man with a grim determination. 7 years ago, he was diagnosed nasopharyngeal cancer. He was in the stage prior to terminal stage. The doctor said his life expectancy varied from 3 months to 3 years, depending on his strength of will. It was a really really really… bad news for my family cuz my father was the only bread winner. Both my mum and I were extremely depressed. However, my father still maintained a positive attitude toward life. It was him who consoled my mother and me. He promised us that he would survive and create a miracle of life. He went through all sorts of treatment; I could imagine how hard they were. Now he is still living, and the disease is under control. My father is a hero in my heart, for his never-lose-hope spirit.

Describe a well-known TV or radio presenter

what kind of program he or she presents

what he or she does in this program

and explain why he or she is so well-known.

Speaking of a well-known TV presenter, the first one that comes into my mind is YangLan. She is one of the most famous TV talk show presenters. The talk show Yang Lan One on One she hosted has been really famous to most Chinese. As a signature TV talk show, Yang Lan One on One focuses on getting to know leading figures from the fields of international politics, business, society and culture. In her show, she profiles the guests’ life stories, career experiences, and personal insights. Because of her special personal style and unique viewpoint, she has successfully interviewed with over four hundred celebrities around the world, such as Bill Clinton, Jackie Chan and so on.

In terms of the reason why she is so famous, I would say other than her excellent performance in the talk show, she has also made many contributions to society. For example, she supports numerous charities. She really wants to help students from rural area or from poor family to receive education without having to dropout from schools. In fact, she is just a TV host and she has no obligation to do such things. But she actually does and has a heart for others who are in need. She really sets a good example to us.

She is also a celebrity who always gives teenagers useful advice and proper guidance. I still remember what she said; people should be independent and knowledgeable. Don’t always rely on others’ help. As long as he or she sets a target and puts effort in, they will fulfil their potential.

Describe a teacher who has taught you in your childhood and you want to meet him again

Who he/she was

how much you contact,

how he or she affect you

And explain why you want to meet him/her again

Speaking of a teacher who has taught me in my childhood, the first one that comes into my mind is Michael Li. Michael Li was my mathematics teacher when I was in primary school. At that time, he was in mid-forties then and always wore a friendly smile on his face. He was amiable [‘eimj?bl] and approachable. That was why his lectures were always welcomed by students.

At that time, I didn’t study mathematics [m?θi’m?tiks] well. I tried my best to remember the equations and formulas by heart but it never helped. I asked Mr. Li what to do. He went through the formulas that we would use most often and explained each one to me with great patience. After he made sure that I fully understood, he gave me some practice questions and then gave me feedback. Thanks to him, I finally made sense of all those formulas and built up interests in maths. I really appreciate his great teaching technique and later on maths became my favorite subject.

In terms of the reason why I want to meet him, I want to express my hearfelt gratitude to him. He had a great influence on my career life. He is the first person who said to me that it is no shame to make mistakes. The more mistakes I made, the more progress I will achieve. Every time I make mistakes or feel frustrated, I will always remember his saying and then become stronger and stronger.

Describe a person who speaks another language

who he/she is

where do you meet here,

what do you learn from him/her,

how do you communicate with him/her, how do you know each other

Speaking of a person who speaks another language, the first one that comes into my mind is a Vietnamese woman. Her name is Loan. She is 56 years old and works in the Sheraton on the Park hotel as an income audit managers. Previously I joined an accounting internship program in the Sheraton hotel under the supervision of Loan. I still remember at the first several days I was so scared and nervous, because I have not had any accounting-related working experience in Australia. Also, I am a person who lacks confidence in the face of strange environment. It was really an honor for me to have a chance to work with Loan because she is always an approachable, easygoing and knowledgeable person. Every time when I had trouble in performing my jobs, no matter how busy she was, she was always patient to answer my questions and share her working experience with me. What I really admire most is her progressive attitude toward work and learning. Although she seems old, she never gives up learning. Take learning language as an example, now she can master fluent English and Vietnamese, but she never satisfy with this. She is on the way to learning Chinese and even French. According to what she said, life is not a rehearsal and never comes twice. If a person does not keep studying, his or her life will definitely become valueless


Describe something you did on your computer

speaking of the thing I did on my computer, I would like to talk about some calculation function I used in the Excel. As we know, Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet which allows different kinds of people to organize and calculate the data. It is powerful software.

Recently, I have a passionate interest in learning this software because currently I work as an intern in finance department in Sheraton on the Park. My major responsibility is to deal with account payable for the hotels. Basically, I received tax invoices, statements and credit notes daily and run the payment every 7 day. So it is really important to manage the data of the transactions and make the payment before due. Excel can act as a good helper for me. As long as I enter the entire amount I need to pay to the supplier in the Excel spreadsheet, I can use some powerful Excel functions to make some useful calculations. For example, I can calculate the specific amount I pay to the different suppliers, and find out the maximum and minimum number easily. Also I can use Excel to compare the amount of the average weekly payment with the amount I entered in a specific week so that I can find out whether there are some special transactions occurring in that week, whether there are some material mistakes. It helps me detect the error and mistakes and correct it timely.

It definitely makes my job become more efficient and well-organized. It saves my time and allows me to keep track of what I have done.

Describe a news story that made you feel happy.

You should say:

what the news was about (= what happened)

where you got this news from

what people were involved in this news story

and explain why it made you feel happy.

I am not a big fan of tennis and I seldom pay attention to the news of tennis match.

Recently, one of my friends told me a piece of good news which really inspired me.

He said Li Na, a Chinese tennis player, successfully reached the championship match in Australian Open.

You know, it was the first Chinese player, also the first Asian athlete, to reach a grand slam final.

It was an astonishing as well as unbelievable achievement.

In fact, my friend is Indian and he said to me that he didn’t imagine a Chinese tennis player, a 28 years old woman, can defeat Caroline Wozniacki who ranked top in the world.

My friend and I took pride in the accomplishment she fulfilled

I felt absolutely happy at that moment because Li Na as a Chinese, created a miracle in front of the spectators from all over the world. As a Chinese, I suddenly had a strong sense of national pride and belonging.

It also reminded me that anything is possible. As long as I set the target properly and put effort in it, I will get the payoff

Describe an occasion when you were late and missed something important

what was the situation

why you were late

when it happened

how to excuse

Speaking of the late experience I had, I would like to talk about the trip to HongKong in last Christmas holiday. Last Christmas, my parents and I planned to go to HK for Christmas shopping and sightseeing.We were all extremely excited because that was the first we enjoyed the Christmas holiday in HongKong and also Christmas in HK was always supposed to be awesome. We all couldn’t wait for that day and counted down the days to the beginning of our long dreamed HK trip.

Unfortunately, on the day we left for HK, we got stuck in an awful traffic jam on our way to the Beijing Capital International airport. It was a traffic jam in Monday morning. It is not exaggerating to say that the shuttle we took was moving inch by inch, and the whole city was like a huge parking lot. Also, it was raining cats and dogs on that day, which made the situation even worse. When we arrived at the airport, we were like an hour late. Consequently, we miss our flight, and we had no choice but to change our tickets to the next flight. What’s worst, because Christmas holiday is always the peak season for tourism.All the flights to HK were fully booked and all the tickets were sold out, which means that we had to wait for at least another 3 days. We finally made our HK trip, but it was the second day after Christmas.

The whole thing made me realize that sometimes when you are late, even if you can do something to make it up, it is still different. Take us for example, although we finally made my HK trip, the trip was ruined, the Christmas holiday was ruined, and so were our moods. I learned from it and from then on, I always talk to myself that never do something until the last minute. I should get well-prepared for the thing I do and take any contingency into consideration. I will never give myself any chance to have any regrets because of being late.

Describe something you can do to help the environment

Do you think it’s easy?

What you do,

And explain how you do it

Speaking of the thing that I can do to help the environment, I would like to talk about my refusal to use the plastic[‘plɑ:stik] bag. Basically it is really easy to do for once but it is also rather difficult to persist in doing it.

As we know, the plastic bag is made out of some non-biodegradable materials, which will generate a severe pollution after people discard it in the landfill. We call it as white pollution.

So, it is quite straightforward if we want reduce or avoid such pollution. Just buy a reusable canvas [‘k?nv?s] bag and use it whenever we go out for grocery shopping.

It is so simple and it doest not give me any troubles. Also, I think some people may look down upon such a simple action, but it really has a favourable influence on our environment. For example, I go to supermarket for grocery shopping every three days. If I don’t use the reusable bag, that means every time I consume at least one plastic bag for shopping. That means there are more than 150 plastic bags I use and discard for a year. From this point of view, I believe that every one can make a big difference in the environmental protection as long as they persist in doing so.

Describe a new law (or regulation) that you would like to see introduced in your country. 你所希望颁布的新法规

You should say:

What the law would be

Why this law is needed

How popular this law would be

How this law would be enforced

And explain why you would like to have this law in your country.

2. Describe a new law in your country. 已经颁布实施的新法规

You should say

what the new law is

what type of law it is

how good you think this law is

And explain how this law affects people.

Speaking of the new law in my country, I would like to talk about the plastic[‘plɑ:stik] bag usage law. It took effect on 1st June 2008. It mainly emphasized that plastic bags would be no longer offered for free when shopping. People need to either bring their own bag or pay for a plastic bag. I think this is a great law because it aims to arouse the public awareness and help protect the environment by reducing white pollution.

I remember the day the law came into effect. It was a weekend and I was doing grocery shopping on that day. When I went to the check-out counter and paid the bill for a full basket of food, I was used to asking the cashier for free plastic bag. It was until the cashier reminded me that I should pay for the plastic bag I realized that the new law was in effect. Finally, I end up purchasing a bag but instead of buying a plastic bag, I chose to buy a reusable canvas [‘k?nv?s] bag so that I can use it every time I go shopping.

This law definitely has a positive influence on the protection of environment because it substantially restricts and reduces the use of plastic bag. You know, the composition of those plastic bags is non-biodegradable. That means it will create white pollution and post a serious threat to the sustainable development of environment. This law also helps Chinese people form an environmental-friendly shopping habit. Supposed everyone uses one plastic bag a day, he or she can save more than 300 bags a year. Obviously this is a great achievement in terms of reduction of white pollution.

Describe something you could do to help the environment
Describe a happy event that happened recently (Day 8 F)

 Describe an important festival people celebrate in your country.
Which festival is your favourtie

Why you like this festival

What do you do on the festival

Speaking of an important festival in my country, I think probably most of Chinese may choose the Spring Festival as the most important festival. Every year, the first day of the first lunar month is the New Year in the Chinese lunar calendar [‘k?lind?]. Among the traditional Chinese festivals, this is the most bustling [‘b?sli?] because there are much entertainment with excitement.

Usually, we start to prepare for the event 7 days before the Spring Festival. Every family will undertake thorough [‘θ?r?] cleaning, do their Spring Festival shopping, create paper-cuts for window decoration, put up New Year’s pictures, write Spring Festival couplets [k?plit], make New Year cakes, and also prepare all kinds of food to bid farewell to the old and usher [‘???] in the new.

New Year's Eve is the time for a happy reunion [ri:’ju:ni?n] of all family members, when they sit around the table to have a sumptuous [‘s?mpt?u?s] 豪华的New Year's Eve dinner, talking and laughing, until daybreak. When the bell tolls[t?ul] midnight on New Year's Eve, people eat dumplings.

Almost every Chinese family makes dumplings to celebrate the spring festival. It is said that dumpling is a symbol of reunion and wealth. It is quite enjoyable to make dumplings with family members. The process of making dumplings is not that hard. First, we need to mix mild [maild] water and flour together to make dough [d?u]生面团. And then, we should prepare different vegetables, meat as well as several seasonings such as chives, shallot, lettuce, pepper, chicken essence, salt, cooking oil and soybean oil. After that we should chop the meat and vegetables into tiny pieces and stir them with the seasonings. Then we cut the dough one by one into same size and roll each one into round piece. Finally we wrap [r?p]the stuffing in each piece of dough. Basically we can either use boiling water to cook it or use pan to fry them.

Describe a sports event.

Describe a popular public event that you went to (such as a carnival [‘kɑ:nivl]嘉年华, sports event or religious event).

You should say:

what the event was

when you went there

who you went there with

and explain why you enjoyed this event. *or

and explain what you saw and did there. *or

and explain why this event is popular in your country. *

The opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Game

It was hosted 8th August, 2008

At that time I went back to China and together with my parents to visit in Beijing

The first time for China to host such an important as well as international sport event

Everyone had high expectation for the performance of that opening ceremony.

In fact, it didn’t let us down and it turned out to be spectacular and charming

Lots of thoughts and creativity were presented

It gave people a lot of surprises and impressed many foreign visitors as well

The performance was quite fabulous and imaginative ([‘f?bjul?s] 极为美好的) – reflected traditional Chinese culture

The fireworks were also eye-catching

I think many people have the same feeling as me coz it was just absolutely breathtaking

I couldn’t think out of any other suitable word to describe such a fabulous show

Some people say, London, the next host city of Olympics game are feeling stressful and has a lot to thing to do thing coz this opening ceremony was absolutely unforgettable.

Describe something naughty you did when you were a child.

You should say:

when you did it

what you did

why you did it

and explain how your parents felt about what you did.

The naughty thing I wanna talk about is that I stole money from my mother’s pocket.

I remember when I was in primary school; electronic game was really popular among boys

Many of my friends bought one and enjoyed the entertaining feeling when playing the game boy.

I was really jealous. Also I felt that it was a shame if I didn’t have one.

However, no matter how I persuaded my parents to buy me a game boy, they always rejected my request because they thought it was bad for my eyes and distract my attention from my studies.

I felt upset and it occurred to me that stealing money from my parents would be the best way for me to buy a game boy.

So I decided to steal the money when my parents went out.

Finally, my mother found that and she was really upset and even cried, but she didn’t chew me out. I knew that she was really angry with me at that time, but she wanted to give me a chance to correct the mistakes and learn from it. I apologized to my parents and promised to them that I will never do such a thing again.

Describe a pleasant visit by someone to your home.

You should say:

who the person was

why they visited your home

what you and this visitor did together

and explain how you felt about the visit.

Last weekend I invited Jeffrey to my apartment

After we finished the university study, it seemed that we hadn’t seen each other for ages because I was busy working for the internship program in Sheraton on the park, while he found a job in a finance company and still adjusted himself to that company. We don’t catch up with each other as often as we used to. Gathering friends is always a nice thing for me

We just enjoyed chatting over cooking. It was the first time for me to cook with my friends. It was funny because we both were not expert in cooking but we did have some ideas about the combination of different kinds of foods.

I felt really delighted for the reason that we can share our recent experience. for example, we are going to find a new here. But we both have no experience in writing the resume and preparing the formal interview. It was a really time for us to share the ideas for those things.

Describe a foreign food

Where you find it

What is it?

Why you like it

Speaking of a foreign food, the first thing that comes into my mind is the hamburger. It is really common for western people to have a hamburger for a meal, but eating a hamburger was absolutely a luxury for me before the first McDonald’s opened in my hometown.

I still remember the first McDonald restaurant was found in my hometown in 2005 and I couldn’t wait to have a meal in McDonald. The hamburger in McDonald impressed me most at that time because the hamburgers are really different from traditional Chinese staples, such as dumplings and buns.

A hamburger is a kind of sandwich that consists of a cooked patty肉饼 of ground meat, such as beef, pork, turkey and chicken. Hamburgers are often served with lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, pickles菜酱, cheese and condiments[‘k?ndim?nt] such mustard[‘m?st?d]芥末酱, mayonnaise[mei?’neiz] 蛋黄酱and relish[reli?]泡菜酱.

I like eating hamburgers very much. To my mind, the hamburger is wholesome and nutritious because it combines meat and vegetable in a proper proportion. It helps me keep my diet balanced. Also, it is not that difficult and not that expensive to make a hamburger. Basically I can easily make it by myself so that I can save time and money for my lunch.

Describe a photo

Speaking of a photo, I would like to talk about a photograph of my whole family.

It was taken in a summer in 2003. The background of the photo is a radiological[reidi?u’l?d?ik?l] ward[w?:d]. My parents and I was sitting on the bed and wearing a happy smile. The photo was taken by a ward nurse. You may be curious about why we choose to take a photo in a hospital. I know, hospital is not supposed to be an ideal location for people to take photos. But this photo means a lot to our family. At that time, my father was diagnosed [‘dai?ɡn?uz] with a severe disease nasopharyngeal [neiz?uf?‘rind?i?l] darcinoma. It was a kind of cancer. What made me even fear was that the doctor said that was a terminal cancer. You can imagine how helpless and despairing I felt at that time. My mum and I was so desperate[‘desp?rit] that we can not help weeping. But my father always had a positive attitudes and fight off the disease with strong determination. He believed that as long as a person has a positive faith, he or she will survive. 3 months later, my father restored to health and created a miracle. On the date he left the hospital, he thought out of an idea that we should take a photo of the whole family in the ward.

It is definitely a special photo for me. Every time I picked up this photo, I will remember what my father said to me. He told that we should never give up no matter what difficulties or challenges we encounter. As long as we become strong, persistent and perseverant, we can conquer any problems and end up succeeding.

Describe a website

Facebook is a website for personal soical network launched in February 2004. Until January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users. I signed up my own account in 2008.

Users may create a personal profile, and then add other users as friends and exchange messages. It is quite convenient for users to know what their friends are doing because of the function of automatic notifications when they update their profile. Users may join common interest user groups, organized by workplace, school, or college, or other characteristics. as an international student in Sydney, I should take every possible chance to integrate myself into local community. Facebook is a good platform which can serve this purpose. Through I have made friends with many local students as well as other international students. That is really amazing. It is the first time for me to have such many foreign friends and expose myself to western culture. Take learning English as example, it is said that the best way to learn English is to understand the culture and the logic thinking behind the local people. As long as I keep logging on facebook, I can keep chatting with the people who come from english-speaking countries so that I can understand how they express own opinion and reply in different situation. It is really helpful for me to improve my spoken English.

Describe an ad that helped you buy something.

Describe an advertisement that made you buy something

What kind of advertisement was

When and where you saw or heard this advertisement

What product or service it advertised

And explain why you decided to buy that product

Speaking of the advertisement, the first thing runs through my mind is a shampoo advertisement [??m’pu:]. I still remember the first time I watched this advertisement was in 2008 through television. Frankly speaking, I have a hair loss problem. Excessive [ik’sesiv] hair shedding is always a pain in the neck for me. The reason why that advertisement drew [dru:] my attention was because that shampoo help people resolve the hair drop problem. What really impressed me was that Jackie Chan, a famous movie star, acted as a spokesman [‘sp?uksm?n] in that shampoo advertisement.

In the advertisement, he explained that shampoo was made up of natural Chinese herbal [‘h?:b?l] medicine. The manufacturing company combined a Chinese herbs secret formula with advanced biotechnology. It helped prevent hair fall and promote the growth of hair. Jackie Chan also shared his own experience from using such a shampoo. He said he had persisted in using that shampoo for 3 months. He found that his hair become blacker and stronger. That was the reason why he was willing to become a spokesman of that brand name.

After watching this advertising, I went to supermarket to buy that product without any hesitation. Because the famous star appeared in the advertising, which made me feel that product was creditable and worth-trusting. Also, the description in that advertising further strengthened my confidence in buying that product. Finally, I did have such a need to purchase this product.

 Describe a quiz show.

I would like to talk about the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire [milj?’n??]?” This program originated in the United Kingdom and it was introduced to China in 2001. Since then that program had become really popular. I still remember the first time I watched this program was in early 2002. At that time I was completely obsessed [?b’ses] by that show.

It was a television game show which offered large cash prizes for contestants who can correctly answer a series [‘si?ri:z] of randomized multiple-choices questions. The maximum cash prize was one million Chinese dollars, and the maximum number of questions the contestants probably may be asked was 15. In the game, the contestants first had to undergo a preliminary [pri’limin?ri] round called “fastest finger first”. The contestants were required to put four items into a particular order. Whoever finished the question fastest as well as correctly, he or she had a chance to play for the maximum possible prize.

Once in the hot seat, the contestant was asked increasingly difficult questions by the host. Basically those questions related to general knowledge and cover the areas like history, geography, biology, physics and so on. It is interesting to know that there were three lifelines, including fifty-fifty, ask the audience and phone to friends to help contestant to answer the questions.

In terms of the reason why I like this quiz show, it reminded me again that knowledge means money, knowledge means power. The more I learn, the more I accumulate, the more benefit I can get. It also aroused my interest in some typical issue, such as the history in China. For example, I was eager to know how many emperors there were in Qing Dynasty.

 Describe a TV program you don’t like. (第三部分可能问到:Do you think TV programs play educational roles?)

Describe a TV program that you watched but didn't like.

what program it was

when you saw it

what it was about

and explain why you didn't like it.

The TV program I do not like is called “To Tell the Truth”. The first time I watched this program was in 2009 in China. That program was really controversial and popular. The main point of the program was to tempt the interviewees to tell the truth openly. There were several debatable elements in the program. Firstly, the host asked the interviewees some embarrassing questions, such as do you have a premarital intercourse, do you fall in love with two persons at the same time. The more questions they answer, the more money they get. Secondly, it used a lie detector to detect whether the interviewee was telling a lie or not. Once the lie detector found out some interviewees were telling a lie, they were required to quit the game. Thirdly, the interviewees’ family members were also invited to participate in the game. They sat in front of the interviewees and listened to what they answered.

Don’t like:  All these elements were creating a dilemma [di’lem?] for the interviewees. They may get more money at the expense of their privacy. It created an actual or potential disharmony within the interviewees’ family and then generated more social problems. I heard [h?:d] a real story that after a husband confessed extramarital affairs in the program, her wife at once decided to devoice and leave him.

Like:  In terms of the reason I like this program, it helps people understand that the best way to get along with the people you love is to be honest and loyal to them all the time. It can give people a vivid example that once a person tells a lie, alienation [eili?’nei??n] between people will undoubtedly induce so that they gradually keep a distance with and never trust each other.

Describe an interesting TV program that you can talk about with your family.

The interesting TV program I would like to talk about is the quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire [milj?’n??]?” This program originated in the United Kingdom and it was introduced to China in 2001. Since then that program had become really popular. I still remember the first time I watched this program was in early 2002. At that time all of my family were completely obsessed [?b’ses] by that show. It was a television game show which offered large cash prizes for contestants who can correctly answer a series [‘si?ri:z] of randomized multiple-choices questions. The maximum cash prize was one million Chinese dollars, and the maximum number of questions the contestants probably may be asked was 15. In the game, after the preliminary [pri’limin?ri] round “fastest finger first”, the contestant was allowed to play the game and was asked increasingly difficult questions by the host. Basically those questions related to general knowledge and cover the areas like history, geography, biology, physics and so on. It is interesting to know that there were three lifelines, including fifty-fifty, ask the audience and phone to friends to help contestant to answer the questions.

I still remember at that time I said to my parents that I believed that I was qualified enough to ask at least the first 8 questions and I often asked my mum about what she wanted to buy if I won a million. I also promised to my dad if I become a millionaire, I would buy him a BMW.

 Describe a well-known traditional / children’s story

 Describe a story that is well-known in your country.

Describe a well-known story from your country.

who told you the story

when you (first) heard it

what it was about

and explain how you felt when you heard this story.

(Or: that you learned from this story.)

The story I wanna talk about is “the boy who cries Wolf”. A naughty boy has many sheep. He looks after them every day. He feels boring and lonely and suddenly thinks out of an idea to play a trick with the people in the village. The boy shouts loudly, “Help, help, a big wolf’s coming.” Once the villagers hear the shouting, they go quickly to rescue [‘reskju:] the boy with sticks and swords

[s?:d]. However, when they arrive, they find out that the boy was telling a lie and then they go back to village annoyingly. A few minutes later, the boy is crying for wolf again. Some kind-hearted villagers come again but still find nothing and go back in anger. The following day, when a wolf is actually coming, nobody responds to the boy’s shouting. Eventually, all the sheep of the boy’s are eaten by the wolf. From this story, I understand that to be honest is the most important character that everybody should have. Once you tell a lie, nobody will trust you anymore. If you want to gain trust and credit from others, you shall never deceive them in the first place. Otherwise, no one will respect you.

Describe a piece of good news you heard on the phone or via email.

Describe an interesting news story in a newspaper/ on TV.

what the news was about

where you got this news from

what people were involved with this news story

and explain why it made you feel happy.

Two weeks before, when I read the MX newspaper in a train on my way to go back home, I read an interesting news story. You know, in early February this year, North Queensland suffered from a severe strike of cyclone [‘saikl?un]. It was said that that was the largest tropical ['tr?pik?l] storm [st?:m] to strike Australia since Europeans first settled there. Under this circumstance, a lovely baby was born in an evacuation centre among the disaster area. It is interesting to know that the baby’s mother Akiko is a native Japanese while his father Christian comes from German. The baby is their second child. Because of the cyclone, Akiko and Christian had to leave their own house and move to the evacuation centre at the state college. In that night, around 2.45am, Akiko went into labour in the first aid room of the college. 4 hours later, a healthy baby was delivered. It was an happy moment not only for the couple themselves but also for all the people that lived in the evacuation centre. I think that was a really touching circumstance which brought about a lot of smiles in that centre and gave people some intangible hope and spiritual support. It made definitely people feel happy especially during the strike of natural disaster.

Describe a toy that was special to you when you were a child.

You should say:

when you got it

what it looked like

who gave it to you

and explain how you used it (how you played with it).

The toy I wanna talk about is a construction toy LEGO.

It was a birthday gift from my father when I was 6 years old. I still remember when I got this gift; I was quite excited and crazy about its amazing design.

It consisted of colorful interlocking plastic bricks, gears, minifigures and other parts.

According to the blueprint, I can assemble and connect the lego bricks to construct many objects such as buildings, vehicles [‘vi:?kl] and bridges and so on.

Also, I was not subject to the objects that were illustrated in the blueprint. I could take apart the bricks and reconstruct a new figure I designed.

It brought a lot of fun into my childhood. I can use that toy to design and build up my dream house. You know, children are always full of imagination and creativity. Every time I finished my masterpiece I was quite proud of myself and really enjoyed a sense of accomplishment. At that time, because of this toy, I even dreamed of becoming a great designer in the future.

Describe a book you enjoyed as a child

Describe a book you read when you were a child.

You should say:

what book it was

what the book was about

who gave you this book

and explain why you enjoyed this book.

Speaking of a book I read in my childhood, I wanna talk about the children’s encyclopedia book called One Hundred Thousand Questions.

The book covers many areas that children might be curious about, such as physics, chemistry, biology and geography and so on.

It was a birthday gift given by my father when I was 6 years old.

This book helped cultivate my interest in natural science and triggered me to self study and do some research. For example, as a child, I didn’t fully understand why it rained sometimes. I was quite curious about where the water came from. In that book, it illustrated the formation of rain through beautiful picture and understandable words, which made me learn many things that are out of the textbook.

It really widened my mind and helped me know more about the world at that age.

Also it helped me form a habit of reading. You know, the habit of reading is a quite important way for children to learn. The more they read, the more they learn.

Describe a habit.

 Describe a hobby you had when you were a child.

what it was

how you did this activity (Or: What was involved in this hobby)

how (and when) you became interested in this hobby (Or: How you started doing this hobby)

and explain why you liked this hobby

(or: and explain what you gained from this hobby)

I used to play badminton when I was in primary school.

Basically we need a pair of racquet, a shuttlecock, and a net. Actually we didn’t mind whether there was a standard court or not. Of course if we could find an indoor court, that was better because we didn’t have to worry about the weather, especially the wind.

Basically badminton is really popular in China. Therefore, students are taught to play badminton in primary school. I was no exception. I learned it when I was 5 years old. Because at that time teachers often organized badminton competition during the gym class, I gradually became interested in it.

To my mind, playing badminton was more than just a kind of sport. It represented friendship as well as happiness. It was a really good platform for me to meet new friends and catch up with old friends. For example, at that time we preferred to play badminton in doubles so that every time four kids could participate in and enjoy the game at the same time. You know, the more kids involved, the happier we felt. Although we didn’t fully understand the standard rules of badminton, we all enjoyed the process of it, such as jumping to strike the shuttlecock and running from the left side to the right side. It was a good way to relax from study.

Describe your favorite leisure activity./ Describe your favorite way to relax.

Describe a leisure activity (that you don't do now but) you would like to do (in the future).

what activity it would be

how easy or difficult you think it would be

where you would do it *

what equipment you would need to use*

who you would do it with *

and explain why you would like to do this activity.

My favourite leisure activity is to play badminton. It is not that difficult to play. as long as you know how to utilise the racquet properly and strike the shuttlecock in the right way, you can play it well. It is also important to have the sense of position and the technique of using forehand or backhand. Racquet, shuttlecock and net are essential equipment for people to play badminton. Also, if people have a pair of lightweight shoe that is made out of rubber materials, that would be perfect, because it helps lower person’s centre of gravity and reduce the possibility of injuries. The sport center in the University of Sydney has three standard badminton courts. Usually I would like to go there with my friends and play badminton in doubles.

Currently, we constantly feel stressful, nervous and anxious because of the pressure from work or study. If we don’t work out regularly, it is said that as we become older and older, we may easily suffer from severe disease, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. I think playing badminton is one of the best ways for them to improve health. It helps people burn plenty of calories, promote blood circulation and release stress from work. It reduces the risks of heart disease. It allows people to improve the coordination between hand and eyes and make use of the wrist and fingers.

Describe something you do to improve your health.

Describe something good for the health that you would recommend to others.

You should say:

who you would recommend it to

what it is (or: what it would be)

what equipment is needed for this (or: what equipment would be needed)

and explain why you would recommend it to this person.

Basically I would recommend office worker to player badminton.

You know, the white-collar workers are busy working in the office all the time. They seldom have time to work out. Also, they may constantly feel stressful, nervous and anxious. As they become older and older, they may easily suffer from severe disease, such as heart disease and high blood pressure

I think playing badminton is one of the best ways for them to improve health.

Racquet, shuttlecock and net are essential equipment for people to play badminton

Also, if people have a pair of lightweight shoe that is made out of rubber materials, that would be perfect, because it helps lower person’s centre of gravity and reduce the possibility of injuries.

Generally speaking, playing badminton help people burn plenty of calories, promote blood circulation and release stress from work. It reduces the risks of heart disease and heart attacks It allows people to improve the coordination between hand and eyes and make use of the wrist and fingers. It absolutely improves people’s health.

Don’t forget to wear great-fitting and comfortable shoes to prevent knee, joint and feet injury. Get a rubber shoes with extra padding for that added support to the heels. Gear up on safety gear first so you can really kick ass on the court and have fun!

Describe a sport you would like to be good at

You should say:

what sport it is (or, would be)

what skills are needed for this sport

what you would need to do to be good at this sport

what difficulties you would need to overcome (or might need to overcome)

and explain why you would like to be good at this particular sport.

Basically I want to become a good badminton player. In fact, playing badminton is a skilful sport.

I need to know how to utilise the racquet properly and strike the shuttlecock in the right direction. The technique of using forehand or backhand is really important for the player to win the game.

In order to play badminton well, I need to strengthen my wrist muscle and maintain a high level of physical stamina [‘st?min?] 持久力.

Usually I will do dumbbell ['d’mbel] exercise and go running regularly.

To be frank, I am not good at judging the position of the stroke. Usually I may make many unforced errors because of my poor judgment. You know, the process between judging the position of the stroke and setting up the smash is a matter of a second. That means if I want to become a good player, I not only use my hands but also use my brain to participate in attack and defense.

Generally speaking, playing badminton help people burn plenty of calories, promote blood circulation and release stress from work. It reduces the risks of heart disease and heart attacks It allows people to improve the coordination between hand and eyes and make use of the wrist and fingers. It absolutely improves people’s health.

Describe an outdoor activity

Describe an exciting /extreme sport.

The extreme sport that impressed me most is mountain climbing.

It is a sport that participants climb up or across natural rock formations or mountains. The goal is to reach the summit of the mountains. For the purpose of safety, anchors [‘??k?], ropes绳索 and other protection equipment are used to back up the climbers. Such equipment is really essential because without this equipment, climbers may easily get injured or even lose their lives.

In terms of the reason why mountain climbing is so popular, to my mind, many people are tired of routine life and want to get away. Some challenging sports like rock climbing or mountain climbing provide people a chance to challenge themselves and surpass their limit. The sense of achievement after reaching the top of the mountain gives them a pleasant sensation [sen’sei??n] 感觉. Also, mountain climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport so that doing such sport enables people to keep healthy and strong. In fact, it not only tests a climber’s strength and endurance [in’dju?r?ns], but also requires a balance along their mental control.

Describe your favorite/ a healthy lifestyle

?      Healthy food are nutritional and good for the body like fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat diets, unrefined carbohydrates, etc. It includes avoiding food that is bad for you like refined carbohydrates, fatty foods, alcohol, etc. Eating in moderation is the essential component of healthy eating.

?      Health and Fitness-Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic [ei?’r?ubik] exercise is good for your heart and your body. Yoga has a therapeutic [θer?’pju:tik] 疗法的affect and also helps to reduce your stress level. Pilates [‘pail?t] are great for strengthening your “core” muscles which are situated around your midsection. You could consider some other forms of exercise like Tai Chi, martial arts and Qi Gong. It is essential that you incorporate any kind of exercises in to your daily life to help keep you fit and maintain your weight at a healthy level.

?      Managing stress efficiently is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Failure to manage stress effectively can harm your body and affect your relationship with others. If left unattended, stress can also lead to alcohol or drug addiction.

?      You cannot have a healthy lifestyle if you are depress and unhappy. Following your bliss [blis] is a must if you want to live a happy and joyful life. Doing what you are passionate about helps keep you motivated.

?      Alternative health options like herbal medicine, massage therapy, meditation, Ayurveda, reflexology, aromatherapy, etc, can benefit you and help you have a healthier lifestyle.

?      Sleeping right, having a positive outlook about life and having a balanced life are also the necessary components of a healthy lifestyle.If you go without sleep for a period of time, every area of your life will be ultimately affected. If it becomes a regular pattern in your life, you could endanger your health and reduce your overall performance. This can ultimately affect all other areas of your life, personal as well as professional.

Living a healthy lifestyle takes discipline. You must make up your mind and choose things that are good for you and your loved ones. It comes down to being committed to do what is good for your body, mind and spirit.

Living a healthy lifestyle involves taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. You need to arm yourself with appropriate knowledge that will ensure that you get the result you want. The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life are intertwine. For you to be happy and healthy, you need to keep all these aspects of your life balanced.

You should monitor what you do on a regular basis, to ensure that you are doing the right thing. If something is not right, you can make any necessary changes to help move you in the direction of your goal. With this in mind, working toward living a healthy lifestyle is achievable.

Describe your favorite Chinese song/piece of Chinese music. (第三部分可能问到:Why do stores play background music?)

Describe a song you heard when you were a child.

Describe a song or melody that you remember from your childhood.

You should say:

where you (first) heard this song or melody

how old you were when you first heard it *

what kind of song or melody it was *

what the song (or melody) was about *

and explain why/how you remember this song. *or

and explain how you felt (or feel now) when you heard (or hear) this song. *

Speaking of the song that I still remember from my childhood, I would like to talk about the song called “the mum is the best in the world”.The first time I heard this song was in my kindergarten. I couldn’t remember exactly how old I was at that time. I guess maybe five years old.

That song was really touching me. It had soft melody and understandable lyrics. It was quite easy for children to learn and sing. The song told children about how great the love from mother is. It made me realize that maternal [m?’t?:nl] love is the most selfless [‘selflis] as well as greatest love in the world. Mother always gives priority to the growing-up of their children. They always want their children to live a happy life.

Until now, whenever I heard this song, I can’t choke back my tears because it reminds me of many unforgettable memories between my mum and me. I miss her so much.

Describe a type of music that is popular in your country.

You should say:

what type of music it is

where people listen to (or, can hear) it

on what occasions people hear this music

what types of people usually like this type of music

and explain why it is popular.

Actually I am not a big fan of music. I hope that I can properly define the correct type of music that is popular in China. Generally speaking, rock music is going over big 大受欢迎in my country

Although it originate [?’rid?ineit] in western countries, with the development of globalization, the rock music was introduced to China. It has been really welcomed among the young people.

Usually during parties, such as campus party, friend reunion, young people tend to indulge themselves with the rock music.

Two main reasons are contributed to the popularity of the rock music in my country.

The first point is that the rock music has amazing beats, awesome [‘?:s?m] melody, deep lyrics ['lirik] and meaning. It concerns about love, family, friendship, and it can be moving optimistic as well as cheerful.It can hit a true emotional level. Rock music is more than just compositions [k?mp?’zi??n], it is a way of living, it is a lifelong inspiration. It helps young people release stresses from work or study. It connects people in an emotional way. It reflects the way people approach life.

The second point is the rock music is catering to the character of the young people. You know, young people are quite energetic and ebullient [i'b?lj?nt] 热情洋溢的, while the rock music is usually associated with fast tempo, strong beat and some aggressive expression. Under the rock music, the young people can better express themselves and obtain resonance [‘rez?n?ns] 共鸣.

Describe something you bought but you didn’t use often.

Describe something you bought (or borrowed) but have not used very much.

You should say:

what it is

when you bought it

where you got it from

and explain why you have not used it very much.

Speaking of the thing I bought but seldom used, it would be a shirt I bought on Boxing Day last year.

I went to Myer and intended to buy a good shirt for job interview. After browsing [brauz], I was fascinated about a brand name shirt.

The salesman convinced me that the shirt was really suitable for me and made me look handsome and smart. He even mentioned that it would a pity if I didn’t buy it at that time because it was on sales. I lost my own judgment due to his flattery and persuasion

Also, the fitting room was so busy on Boxing Day that I didn’t bother to try it on. Finally, I bought it without any hesitation.

Unfortunately, when I went back home, I found that shirt was not as suitable as it looked in the shopping centre. It was a bit tight in my shoulder. Also, it was dry cleaned only, which gave me an extra trouble. What’s worse, I couldn’t get exchange or refund because I lost the invoice. Since then, whenever I want to buy a piece of clothes, I never trust what the sale people say unless I try it on and actually feel comfortable.

 Describe something in your home that was broken or that didn’t work.

Describe something in your home that was broken or that didn’t work.

Let me talk about my laptop. It's a ThinkPad SL300. I bought it two years ago.

It went out of order after I downloaded a file from an email attachment. I opened the file but ended up with a virus [‘vai?r?s] in my laptop. The virus was so powerful that the operating system crashed right away and it destroyed the hard drive as well. The screen went black while the laptop was still running. So I turned off the laptop, only to find out it wouldn’t even boot up anymore.

I began to worry that I wouldn’t be able to get my valuable data back from the hard drive coz I didn’t really have any backup plan. And by that time, my laptop was not covered by warranty anymore so I took the laptop to the local computer store immediately. The folks [f?uk] there fixed the problem and the hard-drive data got saved as well.

And since then, I’ve always been extra careful any time I pull stuff from the Internet…

Describe a game you played when you were a child ( but not a sport).

The game I used to play when I was a kid is “the Hawk catching the young chicks”.

This is a traditional Chinese chasing game, to be played outdoors. It is a good game to play for more than 4 children with a mixed age-group.

In the game, two kids are chosen to be the Hawk and the Hen, respectively [ris’pektivli]. All the others are Chicks and line up behind the Hen, holding onto the clothes of the child in front of them. The Hawk and the Hen face each other. The Hawk tries to catch the Chicks, while the Hen protects them by stretching [stret?] his or her arms and moving from side to side. Any Chicks that are caught will be moved over to stand behind the Hawk, and the line of Chicks closes up.

I still remember that the game was really enjoyable and we all had fun at that moment. This game also served as a chance for me to make friends with other children and enrich my daily life. No matter what I used to play, I should say that the childhood is one of the happiest times in my life.

Describe a course you took when you were a child.

Speaking of the course I took when I was a child, I would like to talk about the badminton course.

I used to play badminton when I was in primary school. At that time playing badminton was really popular in China and students are taught to play badminton in primary school. I was no exception. I even dreamed of becoming a professional badminton player in my career life.

The teachers were so patient and caring. They taught us how to handle the racquet, how to use forehand and backhand, how to strike the shuttlecock and how to move and maintain the position in the court. Basically, they used to be professional badminton players in the state team.

All of us were really passionate about playing badminton and learned the technique quickly.

At that time teachers often organized badminton competition, and I usually became the winner of the race. I really indulged myself with the process of playing badminton and enjoy a strong sense of accomplishment after I won the game. Sometimes I may lose the game, and I felt frustrated. My teachers made me realize that the most important thing is to enjoy the process of the game instead of focus on the outcome of it.

To my mind, playing badminton was more than just a kind of sport. It represented friendship as well as happiness. It was a really good platform for me to meet new friends and catch up with old friends. For example, at that time we preferred to play badminton in doubles so that every time four kids could participate in and enjoy the game at the same time. You know, the more kids involved, the happier we felt. Although we didn’t fully understand the standard rules of badminton, we all enjoyed the process of it, such as jumping to strike the shuttlecock and running from the left side to the right side. It was a good way to relax from study.

Describe something that you want to buy in the future.

Describe a vehicle you wish to own.

You should say:

what sort of vehicle it is / what sort of vehicle it would be

where you (first) saw this vehicle

what it looks like

and explain why you would like to have this vehicle.

Do you think you really will be able to buy one of those in the future?

Do you know anyone who has one of those? *

The vehicle I wish to have is a BMW X5 SUV.

That SUV is equipped with four-wheel drive and is designed for on-road performance and handing.

It is a family car that can carry up to seven people, along with a spacious trunk [tr^?k].

What attract me most is that the X5 is very entertaining and high-tech. For example, the car is equipped with an amazing stereo system which enables the driver to enjoy driving over listening to the music. Also, the GPS navigation system is set up so that it can provide drivers the most convenient way to go to the destination. The reason why I would like to have a BMW X5 is that the brand name BWM always offers the best quality and the up-to-the-date technology to drivers. From the drivers’perspective, the brand name BMW means a guarantee of security and safety to them, which is the biggest issue for them when they decide to purchase. Also, owning a BMW X5 will make me full of sense of achievement and accomplishment. It will definitely make me feel confident and boost my self-esteem when I socialize with others.

 Describe your favorite movie / film.

Describe a film you have recently seen.

where you saw it

what the film was about

who you saw it with

and explain what you liked or disliked about this film.

Last weekend, I watched a Chinese movie at home with my younger cousin.

The name of the movie was <My Father and I>. That movie told the story between a father and a son. It focused on the generation gap between parents and children.

In the movie, the father wants his son to become a successful lawyer or doctor in his career life so that he always requires his son to study hard and get good results in every school subject. However, the son is passionate about acting in a play and he actively participates in a school drama club.

Because of this divergence of view, the relationship between the father and the son worsens and grows cold. They often quarrel with each other even for trivial things.

Finally, when father day comes, the school drama club hosts a special performance for students’ parents and invites all the parents to attend. During the show, the father is impressed by his son’s performance and realizes that the best way to love its child is to respect and support what their children want to achieve. The son is also fully aware that what his father does is for his own good.

I like this movie because I have similar experience as that boy has. I know the generation gap should not be an obstacle in the relationship between parents and children. But sometimes we do have some conflicts which make us unhappy. Through this movie, I realize that the best way to deal with the problem is to maintain mutual ['mju:t?u?l, -tju?l ] understanding and resolve the problems in a respectful way.

 Describe your favorite book. (just a biography of a famous person. p138-p145) :p)

The artist I really admire is Jackie Chan. He used to be one of the most famous actors in Hong Kong. Now he is the most successful Chinese actor in Hollywood. He is well known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing and innovative stunts. He has been acting since 1960s and has appeared in over 100 movies. What is amazing is that he is the guarantee of the box office. Chan has released a number of albums and quite a few theme songs for the movies. In fact, dating back to 1960s, Jackie Chan was just a stuntman and played a bit part in films. Nobody could imagine that he would become a famous star in Hong Kong, let alone in Hollywood. What I admire him most is that he never gives up when he comes across troubles or difficulties. In one of his interviews he said- I don’t remember the exact words, but the main idea was- life never comes twice, thus one must not avoid the challenges. We should cherish every opportunity and put out effort in to stand out from the crowd and make an achievement.

 Describe your favorite clothes for special occasions. (第三部分可能问到:Why do employees wear uniforms in some companies? )
 Describe a piece of clothing another person bought for you

Speaking of the piece of clothing that another person bought for me, I would like to talk about one of my business suit. It, as a birthday gift, was bought by my father when I was 21 year old.

The business suit was produced by the brand name HUGO BOSS.

The colour of the business suit is dark blue with three buttons in the middle and two big pockets on the down left and down right sides of the suit.

I really like that suit. Every time when I have a presentation or interview, I will definitely choose that suit because it makes me feel comfortable and confident.

Also, this is a gift bought by my father, which makes me feel warm and less nervous. It is worth mentioning that every time I wear that business suit, I have a strong feeling that I am no longer a child or even a student. I should hold responsibility for my career and become a mature man. I should not always rely on my parents’ support. I need to be independent and grow up.\

The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That's why it's always important to dress professionally for a job interview, even if the work environment is casual.

What's the appropriate dress code for an interview? You'll want that first impression to be not just a good one, but, a great one. The candidate dressed in a suit and tie is going to make a much better impression than the candidate dressed in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt.

 Describe a piece of electronic equipment/ an electronic device that is NOT a computer.

Describe a useful piece of equipment (besides the computer) that you use at home

You should say

how you got it

what you use it for

how often you use it

and explain why you think this thing is useful.

The electronic equipment I want to talk about is my ipod touch.

I bought it in September 2009 after Apple launched a marketing campaign. Since then; the itouch has become an indispensable friend of mine.

The ipod touch looks very smart. It has a slim rectangular shape with a glass multi-touch display

It has an integrated wireless system, which allows me to access my favourite website. It is quite convenient for me to download some lecture notes from the university website or read some electronic newspapers. Also, the itouch is famous for its high definition broadcasting capability. I really enjoy watching blockbusters through itouch

Because of its portable character, everyday I definitely bring it into my pocket. As long as I want to relax or kill the leisure time, I will pick it out for sure. It is no exaggeration to say that I cannot live with the itouch in this day and age.

I think the itouch is quite useful because it has multiple functions. It has a user-friendly operating system and it can satisfy different needs of users.

Describe something that helps you learn English.

he thing that really helps me learn English is my ipod touch. The ipod touch is really smart and multifunctional. Since I arrived in Australia and started my career here, the ipod touch has become my indispensable friend and helped me improve my English. For example, it is said that the best way to learn English is to understand the culture and language logic behind the language itself. Therefore, I download some famous blockbusters and TV series so that everyday when I take a train to school or workplace, I can watch the movies or series over learning English. It is really helpful because it can provide me a vivid picture of how people from English-speaking countries speak in the face of different situations. Also, I purchased an electronic English grammar book from the internet and transferred it into my itouch. As long as I am free, I can read that book through my itouch. it is really convenient and easy for me to learn English by the help of the itouch.

 Describe a place that helped you learn about the past.(p164,p165,p177老建筑)
 Describe an interesting building.

Describe a historical place in your hometown.

Describe a museum or an art gallery (Day 10)

Where it was

What you saw at this site

What role it played in history

And explain what interested you about that place

Speaking of the place/museum/interesting building, I would like to talk about the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial [im’pi?ri?l] palace from Ming Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty, which lasts, I guess, for almost four centuries. It is located in the middle of Beijing, the capital city of China. Now it is served as the Palace Museum as well as ceremonial [seri’m?unj?l] and political center of Chinese government.

In the Forbidden City, there are plenty of precious collections, such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics [si’r?miks] and so on. Also, the architecture of the Forbidden City is quite attractive and grand. It is said that the Forbidden City is the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. To my mind, this is the best place for me to learn about the history of China because it has extremely rich amount of material as well as non-material collections and exhibits[iɡ’zibit]. It vividly demonstrates the shining civilization of China. Every time I visit the Forbidden City, I will have a strong sense of historical and cultural belonging. It also arouses my interests in the history of China. For example, I was wondering how the emperors managed the affairs of the state, and what their daily life was like. Sometimes I even imagine that if I were an emperor of such a great country, what my life is going to be like.

 Describe a modern building.

 Describe a hotel.

The hotel I wanna talk about is Sheraton on the Park. It is one of the most famous luxury hotels in the world. It is located in the centre of Sydney CBD, near the Hyde Park and St James train station. It looks gorgeous and grand and it has 630 rooms and suites. Also, it contains various facilities for guests and visitors, such as swimming pool, spa, gym and multifunctional meeting rooms. To my mind, it is especially suitable for business travelers. The first point is, as a luxury collection hotel and resort, Sheraton on the Park delivers one-stop customized services to different kinds of business travelers and makes people feel warm and comfortable during the accommodation in the hotel. What I really appreciate is that the hotel has a commitment to make a good thing even better so that the visitors who live in the hotel feel at home. The second point is, the hotel provides business people with a smart room that is equipped with advanced business equipment, such as printers, laptops, fax machines, wireless internet and many business-related facilities. It assists the business travelers to keep in touch with the fast paced business world easily and conveniently.