1.what is the busiest part of the day for you?

  From about 10 o'clock to noon. That is when i have to take care of my work and tings are a bit hectic.

  2.What part of your day do you like best?

  My favourite part of the day is late afternoon, because the day's work is coming to an end, I can go home, and i have the evening to look forward to, and the weather is generally pleasant and cool.

  3.Do you usually have the same routine every day

  Almost. I start my day with coffee, then rush to the train station to go to work and back home. Not too much room for flexibility when you work 9 hours a day and you are 12 hours out of the house. I dream of becoming a freelancer especially for this reason.

  4.What is your daily routine?

  In a typical weekday I have to wake up a bit early and revise my university lessons and then I rush to the university campus to attend the lecture. At around 2.00 pm I eat my lunch in the cafeteria and spent the whole evening in the library. After I return home at around 7.00 pm I spent my time in my study room and have my dinner with my family members. I watch a news channel for an hour and then get back to my room. I read a story book for a while and at around 1.00 am I go to bed.

  5.Do you ever change your routine?

  I always want some changes in my life, so my routines also are constantly changing. I do not like to have mundane or routine set of activities each day, that would be boring. Also, having different patterns can keep others guessing about your whereabouts, just adds to the security factor!

  6.Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?

  Not really. I try to make each of my day a little different to the previous one, to keep me motivated and to add to the fun.

  7.What would you like to change in your day to day routine?

  I would like to get up earlier in the morning than I do now. Next, I would like to take up regular exercises in a gymnasium. Apart from that, I would like to leave office/ university early to walk in the park for an hour. Apart from that, my current daily routine is all good.

  8.Are all your days the same?

  Not really. For me, a day-off is quite different than the busy working day in every perspective. Apart from that different circumstances and events make the days different from each other. While Sunday is a day to spend time with my family members and to meet friends and play with them in the evening, I have a tight schedule at the university and work on Monday.

  9. when time do you get up?

  Well, let's see. Some days I wake up early. Maybe about 6 o'clock. Yeah, sometimes I wake up at 6 o'clock.When I get up early, I like to get ready for the day, take a shower and have breakfast. But other days, I don't like getting up early. Maybe I'll sleep in until 10:00 or 11:00.


  in a rut



  learn to dance with life

  a strong aversion to routine and try to shake it up as often as i can

  it depends on the mood we are all in

  i have the luxury of being able to be a bit flexible

  i never thought i would like a routine but it's growing on me

  i try to get both eyes open within a reasonable time frame.

  eat out for breakfast as i am on the go

  plan adventure for the day.

  clear off the backlog the day

  doze back to sleep

  i emerge at 7 am