He has a delicate brushstroke and an eye for colour (that would give Picasso a run for his money).

So it's all the more impressive (that this impressionist painter is [in fact]... an elephant). Noppakhao, <also known as Peter>, has churned out dozens of works of art [over the years], with some fetching as much as $700.

Noppakhao (-- which stands for the 'nine colours of the gemstones' --) began painting [eight years ago] as part of the Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project (AEACP) in Ayutthaya province, [nearly 50 miles north of Bangkok].

[According to the organisation's website], the 11-year-old bull 'exhibits a wonderful sense of dexterity and control with the paintbrush' to draw landscapes and floral designs.

Most of his paintings are produced on elephant dung paper.

Funds from the sale of his work (-- some of which come with a price tag of up to $700 --) go towards conservation projects and training caretakers.

The AEACP says: 'We strive to give as many elephants || as we can, || a happy, healthy, enriched existence.

'Money raised by the AEACP is used to provide captive elephants with better food, improved shelter and proper veterinary care.'

[In the past], elephant painting has led to accusations (that the animals are [harshly] treated in efforts to train them).

But the AEAC says | it' does not tolerate any abuse of the elephants either || while painting or in everyday interaction.'

give sb a run for one's money 与…有得比,让…难于取胜,与…一样好

in fact 实际上

be known as... 被称为..., 被认为是..., 以...而著称

churn...out (粗制滥造地)大量生产,大量炮制

dozens of 许多, 好几打, 几十(个)

work of art 1) 艺术品;(绘画、雕塑等)艺术作品 2) 令人赏心悦目的东西;精致的物品

over the years 多年来

as...as... 与...一样...

stand for... 1) (缩写或符号等)代表, 是...意思 2) 容忍, 忍受 3) 支持, 主张

according to 根据,据(某人)所述

come with... 1) 配有...,与…一起供给 2) 伴随…发生,伴随...而来

price tag 价格标签

up to 多达

go towards... 1) 为对某事物的部分付款; 用于支付...的部分付款; 有助于或促成某事物 2) 朝着(某个方向)去

be used to do sth (被)用来做某事

provide sb with sth 提供给某人某物

in the past 在过去,从前

lead to... 1) 导致..., 造成... 2) 通向..., 通往...