there to be, for there to be, there being 是较少见的由there 引导的句型。下面让我们来熟悉一下这几个句型的用法。
1) for there to be... 结构是there be 句型的不定式形式, 意思为 “有,存在”,“如果要有”。
It is possible for there to be any more trouble?  可能有更多麻烦。
For there to be life there must be air and water. 一定要有空气和水才有生命。

2) there being ... 句式, 意为 “有”,“由于有……”。
There being no bus, they had to set out on foot. 因为没有公共汽车,他们不得不步行出发。 (这里 there being 引导的分句相当于状语从句)
There being a bus stop so near the house is a great advantage. 有一个公共汽车站离房子这么近是很有利的条件。 (这里 there being 引导主语从句)

3) there to be ... 句式,表示“有”的意思。
We expected there to be no cars in this parking area at midnight. 我们预计午夜时分这个停车场里没有汽车。
I don't expect there to be any argument about that. 我估计关于那个不会有争议。